One of the cleverest ideas I have seen in a long time. Interesting mathematical problem too - how many words are needed to create enough 3-word combos to cover the UK? The world? (Don’t cheat-it’s on their website. Clue: surprisingly few)

Bugger. Guildford “The Wall” tribute concert cancelled. Feeling the need for some decent live Floyd. At volume. Just to shut the world out for an hour or two.

I’m currently checking the details & reach of the open posts, and whether we need to tighten visibility. But at least here we can be fairly sure that there is limited or no profiling and ad-targetting

Just a quick toot to remind folks about visibility and privacy here.

Basically everything you post is visible.

There’s “public”, which shows up on the main, “federated” timeline.
There’s a “don’t list”, which is visible to all, but only appears on timelines of followers and tagged people
“Private” is only visible to those tagged
Finally there are Direct Messages. These are *not* end to end encrypted, BTW.



A sanctuary from Facebook and Twitter profiling and targeting.